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DANCEHAUSpiù is a National Dance Production Centre based in Milan and founded in 2011 starting from the common wish of three different organizations, DanceHaus Susanna Beltrami, Associazione ContART directed by Matteo Bittante and Associazione ArtedanzaE20 | Festival Exister directed by Annamaria Onetti, willing to increase and unify their objectives and skills. Since 2015 the Centre has been receiving subsidies by Milan City Council, Lombardy Region and MIC for its activities of promotion and audience’s education.


In 2018, it is furthermore recognized and financially supported by MIC as a Production Centre, the fourth in Italy.
Since 2021, it has been recognised by the Lombardy Region as an Institution of Regional Importance in the field of educational cultural promotion and entertainment.




DANCEHAUSpiù is currently co-directed by Susanna Beltrami, Matteo Bittante and Annamaria Onetti and plays an important nation-wide role in the development of contemporary dance. It supports and hosts in fact artistic productions, residence programs, national and international networks and choreographic showcases like FESTIVAL EXISTER.

The Centre supports the realisation of contemporary dance performances in the stages of production, promotion and dissemination on the national and international territory, favouring the quality of the offer and the plurality of artistic expressions with the annual support given to 

- Resident choreographers: Susanna Beltrami, Matteo Bittante in the voice of their respective companies, Compagnia Susanna Beltrami and DanceHaus Company.  

- Associated choreographers Erika Silgoner/ESKLAN, Paola Lattanzi, Annalì Rainoldi, Michela Priuli, Pietro Marullo, Giulia Menti, Duo Nux, Franchina | Leone, Vidavè and from 2023, the duo Pett | Clausen - Knight.


This open and multidisciplinary project, inspired by Centres Chorégraphiques and European Houses of Dance, aims to give voice to different artistic experiences connected with dance and other media’s language, to catalyze new collaborations with cultural and social actors, to be incubator of innovative projects dedicated to young choreography and to make specific engagement and learning’s actions addressed to the audience.

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