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24,42 Il film


Dancers | GIOVANNI LEONE (24 y/o) and MATTEO BITTANTE (42 y/o)


Photography Direction | PIETRO AGOSTINI

Dop assistant | STEFANO GALLI

Costumes | TOM REBL

Sound design & Mix |  CHRIS COSTA

Production DANCEHAUSpiù | The Jack Stupid - Creative Studio

Winner of EurAsia VideoDance Contest 2020



Preview - Milano Pride Week 2020, Italia

Festival Exister 2020, Italia

Gdansk International Dance Festival 2020, Polonia

Krakow Choreographic Center 2020, Polonia

Dansk Talent Akademi of Holstebro 2021, Danimarca

Italian Cultural Institute´s Auditorium of Jakarta 2021

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Mumbai, India 2022

Two pairs of numbers. Evens. Palindromes.

Figures that rise and fall by the square and square root, meeting in the middle for a very brief moment in life.

They are the son and the father, the lovers, the Siamese twins joined at the hip, the traveller and the mentor.

The first number on the rise, disruptive, curious, courageous, hungry for life. The second downhill, aware, generous, satiated.

Two ages of man jammed into a chiastic cross that swirls on the pivot of continuous change.


In 24,42 a boy is chased and beaten up for no reason. Lifeless, he slumps like a bruised Christ in the arms of a weeping Addolorata with abraded knuckles. 24 falls, dies and finally rises again under the probing gaze of 42's torch, which finds him in a crater naked as a worm and pregnant with rage. The two men embark together on a fleeting journey, as brief as the unrepeatable moment of total eclipse between a celestial object in its rising phase and one in its falling phase.

The journey will lead 24 to the first fulfilment of maturity, forgiveness, and 42 to the acceptance of a new age at the edge of exhausted youth, youth that ceases to be a trophy to be chased and envied, transforming itself into renewed energy to be passed on, never to die.


The work is a nocturnal parable culminating in a new dawn, in accordance with the eponymous passage 24,42 of the Gospel according to Matthew, which reads: "Watch therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord will come."


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