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Wed, Mar 14


Fontana Theater


4 JOHN | ESKLAN company

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Orario & Sede

Mar 14, 2018, 8:30 PM

Fontana Theater, Via Gian Antonio Boltraffio, 21, 20159 Milan MI, Italy


4 John

Direction and Choreography Erika Silgoner & Bob Bobsil

Music John Cage

Costumes Erika Silgoner

Scenes Erika Silgoner

Lights Andrea Rocchi, Erika Silgoner

Interpreters Gloria Ferrari, Noemi Dalla Vecchia, Chiara Corradi, Davide Boi

Samuel Puggioni, Simone Paris, Salvatore Alicata

Esklan Art's Factory production and ContART / DANCEHAUSpiù Association

Tribute to the brilliant American composer of the 20th century, John Cage. A study on sound, on the absence of sound and on the reactions to the sound itself. The use of instinct related to movement is of fundamental importance in the construction of this piece. The dancer follows the tracks already traced, but the variations, in the hands of the public, to his voluntary and involuntary reactions, make the show always honest and never really replicable. The spectator, more than ever an active part in the show, also experiences opposing dynamics. On the one hand, probably unsure of instinctive reactions that could be judged "disturbing" to the show itself, the audience suffocates their instinct for action, almost as if not to take responsibility; on the other hand, as soon as he realizes that he is a welcome "guest", he eagerly accepts to become an active part of the dialogue. The work is an ironic and amused analysis of the current cultural condition, with an aftertaste of bitterness and disillusionment due to the weakness of man, who gets used to everything, even the total absence of culture.

duration 70 '

based on the reactions of the public

BIO. Erika Silgoner, born in Catania, is an international training in Paris, London New York and Los Angeles, where in parallel with her experience as a classical and contemporary dancer, she combines a personal research in the hip hop style, studying with the greatest American masters. 43d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_ Dancer of absolute elegance and one of the most creative and innovative choreographer on the international scene, in 2015 she founded her company ESKLAN ART'S FACTORY. With the only “? I mA ”, played by Gloria Ferrari, Erika Silgoner won the first prize in 2017 for choreography and the first prize as best performer at the prestigious Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Festival in Stuttgart. Since 2018 she is associate choreographer of DANCEHAUSpiù.

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