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Thu, Mar 15


Fontana Theater


The last Bohemian and the Snail | COMPANY EmptyFull

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Orario & Sede

Mar 15, 2018, 8:30 PM

Fontana Theater, Via Gian Antonio Boltraffio, 21, 20159 Milan MI, Italy


The latest bohemian and the snail

EmptyPerFull Company

Direction and Choreography by Fabrizio Calanna

Scenography Claudio Moretti

Interpreters Lara Viscuso, Chiara Verzola, Fabrizio Calanna

Sanpapié production

My sleepless nights at the Chat Noir, in the company of Verlaine, Mallarmé and other illustrious strangers, until the morning, lead fatigue and alcohol make me reflect, I think about the way back to my room, an arduous path like walking on the sea ... like in those dreams in which you try to run, but the legs are magnetized to the ground and require superhuman effort ... Like in a strange dream in which you dream of running after the Snails.

Already 20. The night is approaching, it's time for me for the green fairy.

E. Satié

A silent, rebellious, free, bohemian man lives in his apartment, he calls it the Wardrobe. A bottle hung upside down; a drop falls from it, it is the Green Fairy, the Absinthe he abuses. The dripping that comes out of it marks the passage of time, marks the expectation of something that perhaps will arrive. The music ? A new inspiration?

Meanwhile, two entities live his mind and his wardrobe.

The first, enveloping, cautious, maternal, round, the snail, looks after him and loves him. She, a hermaphrodite animal, is a symbol of the profound mystery of life, she is the unity of all that exists, she is proceeding slowly with constancy, without anxieties. The Snail evokes the slow spiritual path, any process of artistic initiation requires time and patience. The black shell, represented in the show by an umbrella (an object of which Il Bohémien holds an infinite collection) represents the container, the receptacle, by analogy the matrix that expresses fecundity, gestation. She has more than one, she takes them from the other room, a closed room of which only the soul of a lopsided door and a forest of umbrellas can be seen. The Bohemian keeps his collection there. The second entity, the Green Fairy, insolent and mocking, makes fun of the Bohemian and guides him towards the contradictory and hallucinatory world that quenches his genius. Sometimes a woman, sometimes a man, sometimes a "cough", she is never the same, she is what she wants to be.

Accompanied by these two entities, the Bohemian waits for the day to appear, for life to go on, for destiny to take its course, nothing can prevent it but fantasy. The wait ends! The bottle / hourglass is empty! Has the hour of death arrived? A new existence? Or maybe it's time to be able to govern music and musicians, critics and critics. Govern what humans call Life.

Duration 55 '

Bio. The contemporary dance company VuotoPerPieno was born from the artistic partnership of two dancers, Lara Viscuso and Fabrizio Calanna, who decide to embark on a creative research path. The starting point is the relationship between empty space - a necessary prerequisite for the creative act, but also the human condition inherent in the arteries of our century - and the gesture, taken from everyday life and transposed to another reality, so simple and essential to bring it back to its ancestral fullness. In its Milan residence, QuartaVia, the VuotoPerPieno company continues its research projecting itself, again through dramaturgy, on performances in increasingly less theatrical and increasingly everyday and urban spaces.

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