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Fri, Mar 16



FESTIVAL EXISTER | Tortelli / Astolfi

Diego Tortelli Company / National Dance Foundation and Spellbound Contemporary Ballet

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FESTIVAL EXISTER | Tortelli / Astolfi
FESTIVAL EXISTER | Tortelli / Astolfi

Orario & Sede

Mar 16, 2018, 8:30 PM

DanceHaus, Via Tertulliano, 70, 20137 Milan MI, Italy


"Pasiphae "

Dedalo Project

Choreography Diego Tortelli

Musical dramaturgy Francesco Sacco

Assistant to the choreography Selene Manzoni

Interpreters Anita Lorusso, Vanessa Loi, Giuseppe Morello

Production of the National Dance Foundation / Aterballetto

Pasiphae is a contemporary art show made of dance and sounds, articulated starting from the symbolic transposition of the original myth. The three dancers on stage are not characters, but simple narrative traits of the story, which is therefore not proposed to the spectators in a chronological-descriptive sense, but metaphorical and abstract. Inside, the salient aspects of the narrative dynamics are captured, the facts of the characters and the development of the myth, symbols of the collective human unconscious. The external conditioning (ie the unfulfilled will of a god) is translated into the staging by the presence of an analogue magnetic tape radio, which manifests with its sounds the will of the divine (and in general of all that is "other" and praeter-terra), present in the immanence of the everyday but also distant, imposing and certainly not human. What the magnetic tape "says", disregarded by the behavior of the performers on stage, will return to echo in the hall in the musical system, making the fate of the actors in this drama ineluctable and highlighting the ultra-human nature of the will manifested. The choreographic and sound work proceed hand in hand starting from the events narrated by the myth, offering the viewer original choreographies and music. In addition to the inevitability of the course of events, Pasiphae's key element is that of the yearning for contact with the human boundaries and their overcoming, staged through the extreme distortion of movement, the partial dehumanization of the performers, the use of masks and sound frequencies close to the hearing threshold.

duration 14 '

Bio. Diego Tortelli, originally from Brescia, trained in Verona, dancer and one of the best choreographers of the moment, recently made his debut with the Ballet of Tuscany Junior directed by Cristina Bozzolini with an acclaimed “Sleeping Beauty”. Diego Tortelli has danced the repertoire of prestigious choreographers such as Ohad Naharin, Nacho Duato, Angelin Preljocaj, Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, Jiri Kiliàn, Thierry Malandain, Asun Noales, Goyo Montero, Carolyn Carlson, Olivier Dubois, Richard Siegal, William Forsythe, Lucinda Childs and many others. Currently dancer for the company "Ballet of Difference" directed by Richard Siegal in Monaco and in some productions of the Barcelona company "La Veronal" directed by Marcos Morau. Innovative choreographer, he created “Recapitulo” for the dancers of Luna Negra and “Descaminos de Dos” signed with Mattia Russo now in repertoire at some international companies such as the “Nazionale di Danza di Madrid” and the Dutch company “Introdans”. For the Pompea Santoro group "Eko Dance Project" he created "Carmen Fantàsia" and "Cursus". “Vitrea Vultus” for the MilanOltre dance festival, “Vox Moltitudinis” for the Massimo theater in Palermo and “Pasiphae” for his company in Milan, a personal research platform that he is creating with the support of the MilanOltre festival and Sepama SRL. She recently created her first full evening title "Sleeping Beauty" for the Junior Ballet of Tuscany under the direction of Cristina Bozzolini. In 2018 he will be accompanied by Aterballetto in his artistic research.


Choreography Mauro Astolfi

Music Jonny Greenwood, Nils Frahm

Interpreters Maria Cossu, Giovanni La Rocca

A Spellbound production with the contribution of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism

World Premiere, New York City Center -Apap Conference January 9, 2015

"Small Crime happens by chance, unfortunately it is often a need disguised as interest ... it happens every time you try by force, any kind of force, to enter a person's life ... to stubbornly try to attract his attention. The second petty crime, the one that often definitively ruins our lives, is a direct consequence of the first petty crime ... which happens when those who have been rejected at a particular time in their life then seek revenge, ignoring, and not recognizing the same person who a short time before was the center of our thoughts. In some cases giving up one's pride ... creates miracles. "



Choreography Mauro Astolfi

Music Norn Amon Tobin

Light design Marco Policastro

Interpreters Fabio Cavallo Giovanni La Rocca Mario Laterza Giacomo Todeschi

A Spellbound production made with the contribution of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, in collaboration with The Egg-Albany-NY / USA

The Hesitation day, a Spellbound production with support from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism in collaboration with The Egg / Albany of NY, premiered on October 23, 2015 at The Egg / Albany in NY, with the choreography Mauro Astolfi, music by Norn, Amon Tobin and the design Luci Marco Policastro.

"It is that day, that moment where there is a temporary suspension of an action, a thought or a judgment .... In reality it is a precious moment, almost a reset where we remember what we want to bring to the outside world . The other meaning of "hesitating" is to transport something, to make it arrive at its destination ... just this double and apparently opposite meaning of the word has triggered this work ... sometimes not knowing how to (apparently) decide, is still leading of our information somewhere and, of course, someone will have it ... someone will understand us. But for many we will remain illegible and indecipherable, for all those who will only be able to read the continuous movement and not everything that is immediately before and immediately after the action . "


BIO / Spellbound Contemporary Ballet

It was born in 1994, following the will of the choreographer Mauro Astolfi who founded the company after returning from a long period of artistic stay in the United States. Since 1996, Astolfi has shared the production project with Valentina Marini with whom the Company starts a process of intense internationalization and transversal collaborations. The rich artistic planning combined with a dynamic and constantly evolving vision of the brand have facilitated a wide diffusion of the creations in different contexts, from Gala to cultural television programs, to platforms and festivals of multiple continents. Extremely applauded for the excellence of the performers and the versatility of the choreographic language Spellbound counts appearances in major international theaters and festivals (Serbia, Germany, France, Croatia, Cyprus, Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Belarus, United States, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Israel, England, Spain, Sweden, Panama, Canada, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and South Korea). Modernity of programs, rich repertoire always active, exchange and network projects in connection with the most fertile European art scene, make it one of the most appreciated Italian companies in terms of international cultural offer. The ensemble is approaching twenty-five years of activity, a period of time in which the production of dance shows has always combined with increasing interest training and education projects for both the public and at least two generations of dancers. Spellbound's activities, in addition to Astolfi's creations, embrace a series of productions and projects networked with other artists and institutions on an international scale, such as the recent "La Mode", an installation by Tomoko Mukayiama and Tojo Ito which inaugurated the National Taichung Theater in Taiwan in October 2016.

Production activities are also supported by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism since 2000.

“An artfully evening of extraordinary dancing” by Susan Fulks, Palm Beach Daily News USA

“If Spellbound were a car, it would be a Ferrari” The Annenberg center of Performing Arts-Philadelphia USA

"... spellbinding." By Donald Rosenberg, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland USA

“60 minutes of breath taking art of dance…“ Sabine Rother, Letzte Aktualisierung, Germany

“Astolfi exhilarating choreography is a model of invention” Janet Soares, Ballet Review USA

"The troupe has an alien beauty to its movement that has become the touchstone of reputable contemporary dance. The

performers are magnificent in appearance, and their technique is remarkable. " Susan Fulks, Palm Beach Daily News

"Dancers of such chameleon-like suppleness, they were not only spellbinding, but breathtaking."

Merilyn Jackson, The Philadelphia Inquirer

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