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Thu, Jun 17



Ravel of Spallarossa | Another with you by VIDAVÈ crafts | MANBUHSA and GIANNI-PASQUALE by Girolami

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Ravel of Spallarossa | Another with you by VIDAVÈ crafts | MANBUHSA and GIANNI-PASQUALE by Girolami
Ravel of Spallarossa | Another with you by VIDAVÈ crafts | MANBUHSA and GIANNI-PASQUALE by Girolami

Orario & Sede

Jun 17, 2021, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Milan, Via Tertulliano, 70, 20137 Milan MI, Italy



fromVirginia Spallarossa / Déjà Women

directionGilles Toutevoix

withVittoria Franchina and Giovanni Leone

musicMaurice Ravel

costumesMirella Salvischiani

with the support of MIC and the Umbria Region

RAVEL is the spectacle of a timeless space. A project cradled with passion after a long period of study and work around a non-narrative but visionary staging, dynamic and closely linked to the evocative power of Ravel's music. Ravel's Rave meets dance which, between flight and abyss, accords evanescence and restlessness, alienation and acumen. The voice of the body frees itself and frees itself from the weight; the burden of having to say to explain and that allows living suspended between human and superhuman. Once lived in the Aion. Dance and music trace the path of physical and mental travel, as a metaphor for a life punctuated by continuous processes of research and liberation through paths of subversion. Tactility and proxemics form the basis of choreographic reflection and investigation through a search for the perception of movement over time and its memory. The rhythmic texture is entrusted to a choreographic score that resists musical rarefaction and finds its meaning in the deep neurobiological state of the flow. A present that remains present, surpasses Kronos time and lives in the transcendent and eternal one, capable of bringing out the depth of things hidden in their surface.

Another with you

fromVIDAVÈ crafts

withNoemi Dalla VecchiaAndMatteo Vignali

music:by Lambert & Jon Hopkins

sound designVIDAVÈ crafts

costumesJorida Bergasi

with the support ofHOME Choregraphic Creation Center

The dynamics of a relationship where small and natural daily events tell the life of two young lovers and their constant sentimental transformations. Everything happens in a time marked by the timbre of a piano that describes detailed sensations and memories. The two speak and listen to each other directly, they do not intend to hide anything, they continue to reveal themselves but to understand each other. They show their already mature way of facing the difficulties of a life path together, in which both can do nothing but rediscover themselves and the other, through a sincere dialogue without other doubts.[selection Antibodies XL 2020]


fromPablo Girolami / IVONA / DANCEHAUS more

withGiacomo Todeschi and Pablo Girolami

MusicUgate S ooraj - Jota Karloza

Hey Furtila (hey Perky) - Miss Clo

CostumesCaterina Politi

WinnerTwain Award_direzioniAltre

“Manbuhsa” was created by imagining two little boys playing in a rice paddy.

Encouraged by the fascination for foreign civilizations and forged on the rhythms of music, a relationship is created between the dancers. Through the movements, one pushes the other to discover his natural instinct. A vibrant path of unconscious emotions, innocence and playfulness.


fromPablo Girolami / IVONA / DANCEHAUS more

withGiacomo Todeschi

Gianni-Pasquale, 46, sexually ambiguous, mother's boyfriend, perhaps moody, definitely disturbed. Desperately in love and in love with being desperate. Unfiltered, he, without limits of generosity, inflicts an infusion of his torment on his mistress.

Single ticket for the evening

Whole 14 euros

Reduced 12 euros

Dance card 7 euros(up to 5 seats available in promotion)

Limited places - Payment in cash

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