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Fri, Jun 18



Cult Of Magic Evening | MAN by Rainoldi

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Cult Of Magic Evening | MAN by Rainoldi
Cult Of Magic Evening | MAN by Rainoldi

Orario & Sede

Jun 18, 2021, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Milan, Via Tertulliano, 70, 20137 Milan MI, Italy



King Penelope

fromSamira Cogliandro

withSamira Cogliandro and Giada Vailati

music byMichele Arcidiacono

King Penelope was born from a thought: what if Penelope were to leave? Using the character of Penelope in her reversal (from the home to the world outside), the show, far from the intent of a didactic transposition of the Homeric poem, investigates the theme of travel and the concept of struggle: the first focuses on travel. itself and not the achievement of a declared goal, the second is understood as a blind will to overcome any obstacle encountered along the way. The journey of King Penelope is an itinerary of invention and memory that mixes reality and fantasy, staged by two interpreters, a representation of the Homeric character but also of the entire female community, and metaphorically retraces the struggles that women have had to fight to obtain basic rights, which can be circumscribed to three macro-themes: the right to speak, the right to sexuality and the right to work.

7 Spirits of the Key of Solomon

fromGiada Vailati and Francesco Sacco

withGiada Vailati

original music byFrancesco Sacco

The Key of Solomon is a medieval grimoire, traditionally attributed to the biblical ruler. It contains practical information on how to evoke seventy-two underworld spirits, accompanied by a detailed description of the function and appearance with which each of them manifests itself: if we consider true what psychoanalyst James Hillman says and we can truly analyze mythology as a manifestation of the unconscious of our ancestors, then The Key of Solomon appears to us as a real atlas of the human being and his deepest desires, not expressed rationally but with the language of dreams. 7 Spirits of the Key of Solomon is the representation of seven basic desires derived from the text captured in seven short suns, the result of an a-logical interpretation of the text and the putting into action of suggestions, unconscious references, instinctive inputs, juxtaposed by a structure direction deliberately fragmented, open and modular. While the body remains on the plane of the unconscious, the totally original music contains clearly intelligible information, acting as a bridge between the underworld represented and the viewer.


fromAnnalì Rainoldi / DanceHauspiù

withMichela Priuli

MusicFabio Malizia

How does the way we perceive ourselves and the space around us change? Inspired by Tiffany Watt Smith's Atlas of emotions, the project is to create an archive of postures, gestures and movements that tell the emotions as they become, transform, change rhythm and color. Aware of the impossibility of carrying out an immediate and exhaustive work, I decided to draw different chapters within this vastness. The first episode of this research is dedicated to what in Hindi is defined as MAN (pronounced mun, short for manorath, literally want or will). The author of the atlas defines this emotion as something “waiting to take the form of a specific desire and when it does it brings with it a strange lucidity. Halfway between the head and the heart. The man is a visceral need, strengthened by the awareness that that desire reflects our most authentic self ”. The man is something with which one cannot negotiate, “no one can question someone else's man”, it is an irrepressible and rationally inexplicable vocation. Have you ever heard an irresistible call towards something without knowing why?

Single ticket for the evening

Whole 14 euros

Reduced 12 euros

Dance card 7 euros(up to 5 seats available in promotion)

Limited places - Payment in cash

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