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Thu, May 27



Naturalis Labor Evening | Body things by Del Prete

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Naturalis Labor Evening | Body things by Del Prete
Naturalis Labor Evening | Body things by Del Prete

Orario & Sede

May 27, 2021, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Milan, Via Tertulliano, 70, 20137 Milan MI, Italy



Royal Bird

withAlice Beatrice Carrino

fromLuciano PadovaniCostumeLucia LapollaLightsThomas Heuger

A Royal Bird is a reflection on power and fragility.

On stage a rigorous and austere figure of a queen with a huge ruff, a white face and a long heavy cloak. Power strongly hides the fragile and sensitive side that necessarily overflows where it finds openings to free itself.

The queen splits into two contrasting souls, caged in the same cocoon; in the crumbling of the first and in rebelling against it, like a phoenix, the second can be reborn and try to take flight.

Fragile pieces

fromLuciano Padovani

withRoberta Piazza, Andrea RizzoLightsThomas HeugerCritical lookMauro Zocchetta

An intimate space that collects and stores the memories of travelers who have passed through them. Pezzi fragili speaks of lives. It is for us a leap into a bubble inhabited by two individuals. Two pawns moved by a destiny that is slowly revealed. Space is not subject to the passage of time, it is a sacred, ageless place, in which there is an almost absurd cyclicality. But real.

Body things - Chapter 2. Xxy

fromMacia Del Prete / Transversal Collective

DancersGiuseppe D'andrizza - Tonia Laterza


Musical accompanimentNicolo Basile

With the support of DANCEHAUSpiù / TempioDelight

Sequel to the previous investigation into the multiple variables of our body instrument, this chapter 2 is inspired by the story "Cinismo" by Sergio Bizzio and the film adaptation by Lucia Puenzo. The work represents an analysis of fluctuations of gender through an introspective on the reality of gender in intersex people. The choreographic score unwinds through a fragile and difficult narrative centered on the intimate and "different" perception of a Non-Binary subject through the first sentimental and sexual experiences, amidst the confusion that all this can create and the psychophysical pressure that they suffer in having to make a choice about their "strange" body. A raw picture of drives and emotions. A spiral of compromises to accept and questions to be answered concretely with the body but conceptually with the mind and the heart.

Single ticket for the evening

Whole 14 euros

Reduced 12 euros

Dance card 7 euros(up to 5 seats available in promotion)

Limited places - Payment in cash

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