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Wed, May 19



Welcome tu Italy by Pischedda / Castellano | Floating by Leone / Franchina

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Welcome tu Italy by Pischedda / Castellano | Floating by Leone / Franchina
Welcome tu Italy by Pischedda / Castellano | Floating by Leone / Franchina

Orario & Sede

May 19, 2021, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Milan, Via Tertulliano, 70, 20137 Milan MI, Italy


Welcome you Italy

by and withSara Pischedda and Luca Castellano / ASMED Ballet of Sardinia

VoiceSimona Pucciarelli

With the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia

The Italians… what a magnificent people!

Free and cheerful, but also colonizers and prisoners. Travelers and explorers, but also attached to the warmth of your home. Dancers and confused, but also still and silent. How are we seen by a foreigner? How are we viewed by the rest of the world? Are we like the dancers of a music box who are carried away by the music, light and free?


by and withFranchina and Giovanni Leone / DanceHauspiù

Every day our brain assimilates 34 gygabites of content, the equivalent of over a hundred thousand words. It is a constant sensory bombardment that marks the digital age in which we live; the internet offers us simple, free and almost unlimited access to data and news of all kinds, continually stimulating our curiosity. So we struggle every day to grasp all the stimuli with which the network tries to bewitch us, compulsively accumulating an exorbitant series of notions that we are unable to process. This phenomenon is called "cognitive overload" and is what inhibits our ability to pay attention: too many elements to evaluate, the possibility of choice multiplies infinitely and we no longer know how to distinguish from the whole what is relevant from what is not it is.  The mind becomes paralyzed and closes the channels of communication with reality, letting itself float free in an indefinite space. Selecting, analyzing and reflecting become too tiring processes to start and as the only solution we abandon ourselves to the flow of images and words, which we allow ourselves to manipulate. Is it possible to regain control of our mind or are we inexorably destined to grind more information than the brain can process?

Single ticket for the evening

Whole 14 euros

Reduced 12 euros

Dance card 7 euros(up to 5 seats available in promotion)

Limited places - Payment in cash

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