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Founder of I VESPRI, he is a Sicilian choreographer, dancer and art maker. After studying at the Victor Ullate Dance Academy, he started his career in the Junior company Dantzaz Konpainia. From 2012 to 2017 he was a dancer at the Gaertnerplatz Theater in Munich and from 2017 to 2020 in the Swiss company TLT Tanz Luzerner Theater. He received prizes at the 12th Copenhagen International Choreography Competition and the 18th Certamen Internacional de Choreografia Burgos-New York.
In addition to his many successes with I VESPRI, Giovanni has also created for various international companies, such as Konzert und Theater St.gallen, Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/ ATERBALLETTO, Tanz Labor, Roxy Theater Ulm, Eko dance Project Turin, Contemporary Bachelor ZHDK Zurich, Theater Trier, D.a.f Rome, Balletto di Toscana, Tanz Luzerner Theater, Gärtnerplatz Theater, Balletto dell'Esperia, Dantzaz (formerly Ballet BiarrItz Junior) and Hung Dance Theater




DANCERS | Sandra Salietti, Hélias Dorvault 

VIDEO | Alfonso Fernández Sánchez 

MUSICS | Haussman Bvd, Minus Sixty One / WOODKID  



 I’ve Seen That Face Before” describes the thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise for the performer in the moment between the last seconds of the performance and the first bow. The extreme contrast between the physical exertion offered in the show and the humble acceptance of applause and admiration that follows. An attempt to process an entire spectrum of emotion in the blink of an eye. Is there actually space for this, or are the bows a performance in themselves? Does the performer have the opportunity to disconnect from the performance, or is the very act of being observed prolongation of the act?  



“I Have Seen That Face Before” is my exploration of the inner space of a performer. Of the continuous and elusive tension of an act that is ceasing, or that perhaps within it, contains a new beginning. It is my desire to analyse, deepen and stage, together with the dancers, the sensations that agitate their bodies in those few moments. A whole spectrum of emotions, a moment of pure and maximum sharing as well as of the most extreme intimacy. The contrast between the physical effort offered in the performance and the humble acceptance of the applause and admiration that comes with it. How can it be elaborated? What is triggered in a dancing body? And what repercussions does this have on the spectator?  

(Body Instrumental Digital Interface)

COREOGRAPHY | Giovanni Insaudo and Sandra Salietti 

DANCE | Sandra Salietti 



"B.I.D.I" is a solo performance that revisits the concept of the 'one-woman band' through a compelling fusion of movement, rhythm, voice and musicality. The choreography, performed by a female artist, develops as a daring exploration of the body's expressive potential, transforming it into an artistic orchestra composed of a single individual. 

Inspired by the unconventional appeal of the 'one-man band' that emerged in the 1920s, the choreography cleverly integrates various elements of performance art. The performer uses their body as an arsenal of instruments, creating a symphony of sound and movement for the audience. 

In the 1980s, the faithful companion of the 'one-man band' emerged, the well-loved 'MIDI, Musical Instrumental Digital Interface', essential for artists such as Jacob Collier (1994), who thanks to MIDI can enrich their performances with electronic support, exploiting a wide range of electronic instruments, audio devices and technical support. It is from these concepts that B.I.D.I, "Body Instrumental Digital Interface" was born, with the intention of fully exploiting all the capabilities of the human body to capture and guide the audience on an exciting journey, where the body itself demonstrates its unique abilities to excite, entertain and stimulate the spectator's reflection. 


The performance goes beyond traditional dramaturgy, focusing on pure artistic expression and aesthetic cohesion. Every movement, every vocalisation and every rhythmic gesture are carefully designed to contribute to the performance, weaving a modern, abstract narrative. 


"B.I.D.I" is a testament to the power of artistic innovation and individual expression, offering an engaging insight into the unlimited potential of the human body as a tool for artistic exploration. Through its evocative choreography and compelling performance, "B.I.D.I" invites the audience to experience the magic of a one-woman orchestra in a world where conformity has no place.

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