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DANCEHAUSpiù’s project is deeply rooted in a double and exclusive background;

The City of Milan and Lombardy’s territory: touch point with the European scene and fertile ground for the birth of new artistic experiences in the dance field, with whom DANCEHAUSpiù aims to exchange ideas, encourage a development and give them a home.

DanceHaus’s spaces, started by Susanna Beltrami in 2006, headquarter of three high-level training paths specialized in different dance areas (Accademia Susanna Beltrami, Accademia Kataklò, DHHD) and lively hotbed for young professional dancers, well-known teachers and artistic directors.

A dance ground at 360 degrees which widens for 1200 square meters, without any architectural obstacles.
A space which gives extraordinary opportunities for the setting of side-specific performances, shows, showcases and events as it provides spacious and bright rooms, modular and not, that has hosted significant projects and choreographers during the years.


DanceHaus sala 1 e 2
DanceHaus sala 1
DanceHaus sala 1 e 2
DanceHaus sala 1-2 e 3
DanceHaus sala 2
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