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2022 | eighth edition

From 8 to 17 January the Production Centre, DANCEHAUSpiù, hosted the creative residency of the YoY Performing Arts of Emma Zani, Roberto Doveri and Timoteo Carbone.

In a 10-day work period together with the selected dancers of Dancehauspiù, the artists created a new choreographic design born from the project of Network Anticorpi - Prove D'autore XL #9, the action that offers the possibility to young emerging choreographers of Italian contemporary dance to measure their authorial skills confronting themselves with ensembles of young dancers in order to connect different choreographic languages.

YoY Performing Arts

In a fictitious epoch, in the ballroom of an illusory palace with no ceiling and immersed in nature, characters, aesthetics and sounds belonging to the past, present and future come together, creating a magical atmosphere belonging to a world so recent that it seems distant, moved by its own rules to be discovered and made up of traces, visions and imaginaries that appear and disappear, in a game of random references and similarities.
The salon thus becomes a space of evasion, a flow of changes in which to find free associations, a space in which the boundary between illusion and reality becomes increasingly indefinite.

It is from this imaginary that our choreographic project comes to life, which, wishing to escape the logic of definiteness, proposes itself as a research on the simultaneity of different languages and as a constant game of citations and reinterpretations that unfold in a dance made of new geometries.
The music, an integral part of the choreographic project, absorbs and reshapes this imaginary world built from distant melodies and voices.

YoY proceeds on its research path with the aim, avoiding surface overlaps, of expressing a precise meaning through the construction of multi-dimensional structures and imagery.
This project is a search for meaning, where movement and imagination can be transformed into the representation of a new expression of freedom.


YoY is a company founded in 2021 by Emma Zani, Roberto Doveri and Timoteo Carbone, a project that fuses dance, music and visual art, in search of contamination and new forms of expression.
With its creations the company participates in several national and international festivals and is also the winner of the Anghiari Dance Hub 22, Crossing the Sea and, with the creation Fiori Assenti of Danza Urbana XL (Network Anticorpi XL). With INESORABILMENTEUNAVIA YoY was selected for the Young Author Dance Showcase eXtra 2023, won the Prospettiva Danza Teatro prize (Padua) and second prize in the ICC Linkage competition.  The company also wins a competition for the "Cultural Enhancement" of the Reggia di Caserta and creates music and choreography for an LVMH/Masoni docu-film.
In 2023 YoY choreographed the opera Song of the Dark Forest for Scapino Ballet (Rotterdam) and was selected for the 2024 edition Prove d'Autore.

Videomaker Salvatore Lazzaro
Editing YoY Performing Arts

Dance Barbara Allegrezza, Nicolò Castagni, Giovanni Fasser, Alessandro Parinello

Ph Salvatore Lazzaro

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