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Scighera di M_edited_edited.jpg


Photos P. Dagan / AbanoDanza



- new production 2022 (2 to 6 performers)

duration 20'

Scighera, it enters lives, squares, courtyards, bathes bodies, pervades with its elusive designs the fears, the imagination of all.


This is what the Milanese call the thick fog that during the winter months hides and conceals the landscape of the Val Padana.

A fog that takes possession of the city, blurring its distances, mixing the real with desire, the past with the future, becoming the envelope of blurred, vague and fleeting images. Images that dissipate in a constantly changing and transforming landscape between what is silenced and what is shown.

For the first time Matteo Bittante approaches the creation of a performance by treating it as a living organism.

An organism in which different performances coexist, allowing themselves to be revealed, discovered and decomposed by the material and imaginary veil of fog.


A fog that becomes the curtain and catalyst of light on changing performances in accordance with the choreographic choices and the environment that in real time will welcome them. Each choreographic fragment will have a varying number of dancers, from two to six performers, and will unveil from time to time different looks at themes that are spokesmen for contemporary issues and clichés representing a thought that changes, decomposes and shows itself for what it is or is not.


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