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STIMMUNG | studio


DANCERS | Noemi Dalla Vecchia, Matteo Vignali


MUSIC | Karlheinz Stockhausen and Maria Teresa Sartori
with the support of Primavera Dei Teatri Festival of Castrovillari and Centro Coreografico Canal of Madrid.

duration 10'

Stimmung is a  creation part of the research project Spoken Dance, a container of choreographic experimentations that investigate possible hybridisations between voice and body, between spoken language and language of movement, with original dramaturgies and aesthetics. This project on spoken dance and/or danced word started in 2023, will be articulated with different actions of study and composition over a wide time span, with the aim of building solid choreographic tools to support the identity of VIDAVÈ.

Dancing on the qualities of the voice and phonetics of spoken language, Stimmung represents the investigation of the emotional content of the human being, through the use of the instrument body-voice. The performers, moving with verses and vocalisations, try to connect to their own identity and emotionality, following the sound and vibratory path of the voice that starts from the movement of the breath and evolves to the complex movements of the phonatory apparatus. The meditative and instinctive monologues will then give way to more than comprehensible dialogues, where the voice becomes important as an end and not as a means, rising to a universal expression of energy.

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