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She appeared in the artistic horizon in 1986 when, back from Merce Cunningham Trust based in New York City, she contributed to mark a turning point for the contemporary dance in Italy.
Right away she has been entrusted with didactic and executive tasks at some of the most significant dance training centres of northern Italy; at the same time, she has proved to be a pioneer in modern and contemporary dance thanks to her innovative choreography work open to contamination between various artistic worlds.
After extraordinary collaborations with musicians, sound designers and directors the caliber of Maurizio Scaparro, Giorgio Albertazzi and Anrée Ruth Shammah, in 1998 she founded Compagnia Pier Lombardo Danza, together with the ètoile Luciana Savignano – today Compagnia Susanna Beltrami. Since 2006 she has been directing Accademia Susanna Beltrami, high-level growth path, core element and beating heart of “casa della danza”, launched in 2009.

Matteo Bittante

He specialised at the Hamburg Ballettschule "J. Neumeier".
He approached choreography in 1999, founding together with Margherita Miralli the Giovane Balletto Italiano with which he experimented with his first artistic works. Since 2000, he has collaborated with Susanna Beltrami in all of her creations and is a stage partner of étoile Luciana Savignano.  Since 2006 he has been teaching at the Susanna Beltrami Academy - Three-year training course for contemporary dancers.

In 2011 he founded ContART, an artistic association that deals with the production, promotion and training of contemporary dance audiences.  In 2012 he founded the DanceHaus Company, with the show "Paradise Loft" for the Italy Tomorrow Showcase of the MIlanoltre Festival. In 2015, he is co-director and resident choreographer of the DANCEHAUSpiù project recognised by the MiC. In his choreographic works, dance is mixed with different scenic languages that interweave video projections, design and fashion.


Annamaria Onetti


She is coordinator of residence’s project and president of ArtedanzaE20, creator as well as director of the Exister Festival. She was also advisor to Teatro degli Arcimboldi from 2010 to 2012 and to the City of Milan during the celebration of the International Dance Day between 2007 and 2010. Graduated in contemporary dance, she got the French State diploma in 2001. She has been taking care of both the organizational and political parts of the area. As ADEP member, besides being vice-president and representative for the “Lombardia della Rete Anticorpi XL”, she has managed to combine her passion about dance with her audiovisual and management field experience. She has been administrating crosscutting project in art and dance’s environment; moreover, fond of cross media, she has handled activities operating in the fields of cinematography and communication for years. Since 2015 she has been co-director of DANCEHAUSpiù project.

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